Vendor Management Technology

The ARCASIS platform is the premiere vendor management tool in healthcare.
No other solution can match the combination of value and performance.


Simplicity is the Key

While other solutions are complicated, hard to navigate, and difficult to implement - ARCASIS can be inserted at the vendor level with a simple
vendor generated extract, meaning no IT resources from the health system and swift implementation.

The technology is so simple and
intuitive that users become pros
in minutes, gaining powerful
into performance,
inventory, forecasting and
transactional analytics.

Users on the Client side and Vendor side are unlimited
for one fixed monthly cost, and ARCASIS even assigns
an embedded analyst to run reports, look for trends,
communicate with vendors, and support you the client
all included!

Your valuable vendor partners will know where they
stand at all times and see how they stack up to the
competition when it comes to performance, work efforts,
and productivity. ARCASIS is the ultimate tool to keep
level of competition high at all times and your vendor
performance razor sharp.

  • Balance

    Every vendor transaction
    audited for compliance.

  • Coins

    Overlapping fees by
    multiple vendors identified.

  • Invoice

    Invoicing streamlined
    and standardized.

  • Clock

    No more wasting time
    checking invoices for

  • Percentage

    Vendors can and will offer
    you fee discounts using

  • Track

    Track and forecast
    budgets by vendor, or
    service level.

  • Graph

    Predictive Outcome
    Based Analytics, know
    why your vendor had
    success when the CBO

  • Pie-chart

    Scorecards and
    performance reports at
    your fingertips, and sent
    to your vendors.

  • Time-period

    See true cost to collect
    and net return by vendor,
    service level and time

  • Critical

    Manage critical
    documents to ensure
    compliance automatically.


UC Health Case Study

A peek into improvements in comparison to the previous year.

  • 16% Increase in self pay recoveries
  • 20% Increase in number of payments
  • 45% Increase in agent productivity
  • 19% Abandonment reduction
  • 44% Increase in total calls

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