The BlueLyte team can work side by side with your team to ensure
that your investments reach their full potential.


Health systems make big investments in people and technology.

Especially when it comes to self pay, predictive dialers, and the teams who staff them.
These investments can really pay off with the right training, and the right strategies.

Our experts can be onsite with your team for
training missions lasting anywhere from 1 day to 2
or more, with monthly / quarterly check ups
that can be done in person by video conference
or web seminar.

Our experts are ready to show you proven strategies, superior pool building
techniques, and detailed training that will get your team ready for high production.
Like our consulting philosophy, running a successful and effective internal self pay
recovery unit takes a commitment - there is no such thing as "set it and forget it"
if you want your team to perform over the long run.

The BlueLyte clients who take advantage of ARCASIS and our training services
together benefit exponentially. Uniting these components means the ability to
make constant adjustments to strategy and resource assignments.
Predictive Outcome Based Analytics through ARCASIS paired with training equals
a true synergy.


UC Health Case Study

A peek into improvements in comparison to the previous year.

  • 16% Increase in self pay recoveries
  • 20% Increase in number of payments
  • 45% Increase in agent productivity
  • 19% Abandonment reduction
  • 44% Increase in total calls

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