Working closely with our clients to improve processes, reduce bad debt,
and improve the patient experience is a passion for people at BlueLyte.


What set's us apart from consultants who come in, prescribe change,
get paid and walk out the door? Everything!

Instead of short term engagements that rarely lead to anything but a huge bill and plan that starts to fall apart
the moment they head for the airport - what if an advisor did this:

  • Stay engaged Stay engaged
  • Charged less Charged less
  • Changed the plan Changed the plan

Sounds like basic common sense right?
But it's not the typical consultant model.
In fact the "change, success, deteriorate,
failure, change” cycle is exactly what most
consultants count on.

At BlueLyte we take an entirely different approach to consulting.
We want to be the partner perspective to help you see things that
you might be too close to. We don’t prescribe change for the sake of
change to “prove we did something” - instead we want to help build
that are flexible and adaptable so that when there is change
in your business, you can handle that change with confidence instead
of frustration and panic. We help our clients build processes, policies
and solutions that take into account the certainty of change - then
we stick around, ready to get our hands dirty and take responsibility
for our work. Isn't that what it should be?

Our high quality
team consists of:

  • Former Healthcare CFO’s
  • Former Healthcare Managers
  • Former Healthcare CEO’s
  • Former VP’s Reimbursement
  • Collection Agency Owners
  • Early Out Company Owners
  • Technology Experts
  • Healthcare Operations Experts
  • CPAs and Accountants

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