Vendor Procurement

We work with Revenue Cycle Vendors all over the country and have seen
hundreds of contracts, fee structures, service level agreements, and work strategies.


We know Revenue Cycle Vendors

We perform site visits to every single Revenue Cycle vendor that works with our clients to ensure compliance,
and verify resources, security, and professionalism.

BlueLyte is a strong partner
to help you with following:
  • Write effective RFP's
  • Evaluate RFP responses
  • Write / evaluate contracts
  • Write effective SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
  • Validate references
  • Perform Site Visits
  • Check for compliance

BlueLyte also maintains a preferred supplier network. This list of service providers
has gone through a rigorous certification process including reference checks,
bank verifications, trade references, financial health examination, and insurance /
bonding verification. In addition each of these vendors has been certified on our
vendor management system - ARCASIS and is "plug and play" ready.

Bottom Line is This...

We understand the Revenue Cycle vendor world like no one else.
Let us help you find the right vendor, at the right price, with the least risk.


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