First Party Services

Whether through analytics, training, consulting or Early Out - our ultimate goal
always is to prevent bad debt, it’s at the heart of everything we do.

First party sevices

BlueLyte performs world class First Party / Early Out
and Customer Call Center services.

Most companies that perform these services are Collection Agencies, and while the goal is to collect more self pay
dollars - the challenges and complexities of patient accounts in this stage are broad and varied including a deep
responsibility to protect the health system patient relationship.

The commitment we make towards learning the health system culture,
the patient base, the challenges faced by your staff and patients, and
detailed knowledge of processes and policies all go into an early out
that is a seamless continuum of the clinical excellence delivered by
you, their health provider. Prior to deployment our team spends time
on site at your facility in order to gain a deep understanding of you
and your patient base.

Knowledgeable, informed, and courteous communications lead to the
highest quality patient experience on the financial side of their
healthcare journey.

How does vendor management technology like ARCASIS affect Early
Out or the internal recovery efforts of the hospital? POBA - Predictive
Outcome Based Analytics.
BlueLyte leverages real results and
successful outcome data from Revenue Cycle Vendors to constantly
identify and adjust to leakage that occurs in the business office.
Vendor partners hold key granular data that can be used by the
BlueLyte Early Out Team or the Health System to constantly adjust
processes and resource assignments. Predictive analytics are great
but they’re often self fulfilling and do not evolve. POBA analytics are
better because they constantly fuel and update the predictive model.
It’s full circle analytics, not front end predictions.

Quality people
.....always make the difference.

Who are the people on the other end of the phone
who will talk to your patients on your behalf, saying
the name of your organization 100+ times per day?

Why BlueLyte for Early Out

BlueLyte is not a collection agency - and will never perform bad debt work.

  • Arcasis Integration

    Arcasis Integration

    World Class Analytics and Vendor Management
    included in our Early Out Solutions.

  • Technology


    Our dedicated IT engineers and technicians ensure
    that EO deployment is smooth and painless.

  • We are unique

    We're Unique

    ARCASIS means our Early Out Solutions
    constantly evolve and improve.

  • Cost Effective

    Cost Effective

    Ultra competitive rates with unparalleled
    value and performance.


SEHC Case Study

A peek into improvements in comparison to the previous years.

  • 20% Reduction in cost to collect
  • 1% Bad debt write off rate
  • Increase in year over year monthly self pay revenue from 7% to 16% post installation
  • Estimated $2,100,000 annual increase in self pay recoveries

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